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Who Will Benefit


The greater Bridgeport area region is home to 30,000 veterans, 3,000 of which live in Trumbull, and many of whom need additional assistance accessing jobs, workforce training, health services and other supports.........

First Responders

Our first responders have inadequate workforce training facilities in the region.  Currently the Trumbull Police Department utilizes a small conference room for training which cannot accommodate the growing training needs locally.........

Small Businesses, Civic Groups, Municipal Boards

Currently, the Trumbull Chamber of Commerce and the Trumbull Rotary have no permanent home.  Community event and meeting space is very limited in Trumbull.........


Residents of Trumbull and the region will not only be able to receive services they may be eligible for through the Center, they will also be able to rent the facility for weddings, showers, birthday parties, and other events.  Trumbull has very few space rental options.  The beautiful setting and state-of-the-art facility will be a great option for special occasions.

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